Mission Statement

 The Cycle To The Beat mission is to provide you with dynamic and melodic mixes to take your workouts to the next level.

 These mixes will link the music to your movement: harmonizing your breath to the beat and your cycling to the rhythm. 

Eliminate that point in your workout where you hit a wall by stimulating your mind and body with

Cycle To The Beat.  

Never again will you plateau during your workout.


Cycle To The Beat is Chicago’s #1 Indoor Cycling class 

Lakeshore Sport and Fitness Aon Center

211 N. Stetson 1 block east of Michigan on Lake street

For more information contact: PeterC@LakeshoreSF.com




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Running To The Beat Research Study

Research shows that listening to D J Peter Canellis’ Propulsion music during running and walking can have significant benefits on exercise and fitness performance!

In a recent clinical research study, investigators evaluated walkers and runners over a 4 day trail as they listened to 4 different synchronized listening tracks of Peter’s music. Slow temp, medium and fast tempo music, and one day with no music. The results showed that the running group and the walking group both dislike no music! The running group liked the fast and medium tempo music, ran further, and reported less perceived exertion. The walking group liked the medium tempo music more and also reported less exertion.

So what does this mean? Selection of music to accompany your exercise or fitness program should be purposeful. Consider what task you are preforming and consider if music (with specific beats per minute) could support the cadence of the physical activity you are preforming.

Check out Peter’s site and try long tracks with different beats per minute and see how it affects your work out. (Insert your link)

For more information about this study, see the abstract below. (Attach abstract of my research)

Also if you are interested in learning more about the effects of music on exercise check out these links.


Click Here To Read The “Running To The Beat” Research Study



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